A bit more about me... 
I live on our farm with my husband and children in Norfolk, England.  I am Canadian and moved to England 25 years ago to be with my English husband and help on his family farm.  Starting my own business, being able to work  around the children was really important to me.  This was a real driver for me to set up on my own.  

When I started my business 18 plus years ago, the internet wasn't as profound then and I mostly sold my creations at local craft fairs, independent shops and then eventually online.  

I want to help you succeed with your small business but without all the trials and errors that I went through.  I've done it so you don't have to... book a discovery call with me today to see where our journey together may lead us... more importantly you... what could you do if you were cloned?  I can help you with that.... 


What Can I help with?


Sometimes when we are so busy working on our business we cannot figure out how to get from where we are to where we want to be - this is where i come in - we chat and i ask specific questions about your goals for your life and business and help you to come up with a great game plan to get the most out of the time you have and create the life/business that you dream of... I make your goals MY GOALS - we come up with the steps to reach those goals - and then if you need help with the tech side of things then i either teach you how to do it or I do it for you -- it really is a bespoke service... 

Need Support?

Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner - being a small business owner can be a lonely place - sometimes all you need is a partner to help you along the way - i check in with you help you find the road blocks you may have in order to achieve the steps to get to your goals. sometimes all it takes is a person checking in on you and having your goals as their goals - knowing that you have someone in your corner can make all the difference for your small business and then ultimately the impact on your life can be exactly what you need -- this looks like a check in a few times a week, and perhaps a strategy that i can put into place so that you do not feel alone

What the Tech?

Tech Support 

As a baby of the '70s I still remember a time when there was no internet, and no computers. so theres no need to feel embarassed by your tech road blocks - I have learned how to navigate the internet, most helpful apps like, Etsy, Canva, Facebook, Paypal, Instagram, Tiktok, Stanstore, Kajabi, wordpress updates, Flodesk, Klayvio, and more and sometimes we just need someone to help us and walk us through step by step so that we can be able to work our business without these roadblocks -- remember - you couldn't always drive a car -- but you learned -- right?

Course Creator

Do you need to add a course or a game plan...

Create a course- for your membership so that you can effectively serve your members to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Strategically break down your trainings so that it is more like a course or game plan.


Two heads are always better than one! 

Brainstorm- on how to provide the best value for your customers - because customers who feel valued or feel like they have value for money are customers that become life long fans which in turn creates a great business for you

Product Based Subscription? 

many product based subscriptions find it tricky to come up with the best box each month-- I can help 

I can help to strategise, set up and plan a subscription box for your customers so that they can be surprised with one of your makes every month. help you to set up a community for the subscribers and plan what to promise them every month (digitally or physically in the post)