Below is a list of options on how you can work with me, I can promise to deliver value for money in every option, so that you can regain control in your launch for your business by delegating the tasks that are overwhelming you!

Newsletter Plus for a Launch

Tie all the Newsletter information together with your social media accounts.  I use all the Newsletter information that you provide to create posts and stories for your Facebook and Instagram accounts to lead up to your LAUNCH. 

-1.5 hour discovery call at the time of booking your package (one off)
-30min call per month thereafter
-Newsletter sent out to pre-existing email list and established email subscribers- monthly
-1 static FB + IG post which correspond with Newsletter
-4 x stories corresponding to monthly newsletter
-Monthly Report

£117.00 Per month ($148 USD)

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Never miss a week posting to your important social media accounts again! This service is an add-on to what you already do for your accounts.
-1.5hours initial set up
- Then 1 hour bi-monthly thereafter
- Account optimisation
-2 platforms management (IG, FB)
up to 6 hours per month
-10 static posts for FB + IG + COPY + HASHTAGS
-Monthly Report 

£197.00 Per month ($249.55 USD)

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Launch Lead Magnet Generation and Email collection

-1 hour intensive strategy call to devise best lead magnet for your business 
- Set up email service provider
- I develop the Opt-In 
- Create landing page & thank you page with embedded link to Opt-In
- Create email list in CRM
- Welcome sequence automation with 1 welcome email created by me - as per your email copy 
- 30 min handover call  to VA and|or business owner
(ideal for course freebie/membership/subscription boxes/product based businesses)
£397.00 ($502.91)- one off payment 

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One Off Small Business
pre LAUNCH Strategy Session

-Small business launch strategy calendar 
- Audit Social Media Account 
- hashtag research and review
- 1hour Strategy session to help maximise your goals for the next 3 months
- Custom proposal with dates so that you can launch with still being able to have a life! 

£87 ($108.67 usd) 

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Hourly Rate 

Not sure what you need? or not ready for a package?  Look I know what its like you're in the messy middle with your business and not sure if you can make that big commitment having someone on a monthly basis.  Sometimes we just need a little tech help or someone to help with one or two things... 

Let's talk about what your goal is and I will be able to help any tech support you need.  Book a call so that you can find out what I can offer

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Launch Manager

What you really want is someone to manage the whole launch, right?
Many CEO's are suffering from decision fatigue and they want someone to tell them when to do all the things.  This is where I come in.   

Ultimately its YOUR business and you have the end say, but when it comes to the launch all you want is stress free and the least amount of overwhelm as possible, right?  

I generally work on a 12-16 week launch plan, I am your clone for this time, your right hand man and swiss army knife for all the launch.  

We deep dive into your launch the date, your goal, your previous launch plans and ROI's.  I come up with the following so that you can have a launch that is stress free and allows you to still have a life, even though you are LAUNCHING! 

- launch schedule with integrated micro goals so that you can keep to schedule and reduce last minute scrambling 

- strategy so that you can keep your audience at the forefront of your mind and provide value to them 

- launch tech support (welcome sequence and flows) 

- monitor and report KPI's and advise on where to focus efforts middle, and during actual open cart 

- report during launch week and actual clone of you during the launch week, so that you can do the important front facing work and I do the tech work in the back end 

- post launch breakdown meeting - 
- plan your moves and create the outcome you want for your launch 

£1697 ($2119 usd) - per month based on 16-12 weeks lead up 

lets talk! 

USD prices converted with and may vary at time of purchase

Hourly Work Available Upon Request